1. 她被迫无奈接受了公司的提议。 She was forced willy-nilly to accept the company's proposals. 《牛津词典》 2. 我们希望他们会同意我们的提议。 We're hoping that theproper 级别 第2级 音标 [ ˈprɒpə(r) ] 解释 adj.正当的,正确的,合适的 英英释义 real , satisfactory , suitable or correct 音 例句 1. It is proper that you shoulIt is right andproperthat parents take responsibility for their children's attendance at school. 父母负责督促子女上学上课,这是天经地义的事。 牛津词典 The developm1. proper的反义词 1. Ask your guide to clap when you are standing in front of the North staircase, if done from the proper spot you will hear the call of what is 凡要做出重大决定时,总统夫人总是不离左右,随时给他提出建议。 The president's wife was always at his elbow whenever an important decision had to be taken. 法官向审判提出建议的英语是:Make a suggestion.用英语提出建议的方法有很多,总体归为一下方法:1、用Let's…?表示“让我们”(包括双方在内)做某事“这一建议时要用以Le人们对任何事情都提供建议。 they can also give advice on how to control your emotions. 他们还能提出建议,教你怎样控制情绪。 用suggestion 建议某人做某沪江词库选proposal是什么意思、英语单词推荐、用法及解释、中英文句子翻译、英语短语 英音 [prə'pəuzəl] ; 美音 [prə'pəuzəl] ; 可数名词:1.(建议等的)提出2. 提议

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